We specialize in the recruitment of top quality professionals in Restoration and Insurance Industries.

As a premier national recruitment service, we have dedicated recruiters with years of experience in your industry who will target qualified candidates that fit your company.

We do the work so you don’t have to!

Artemis Talent Group has a proven track record of providing a pipeline of top talent. By letting Artemis Talent Group take on the candidate sourcing, screening and selecting,
our clients are able to focus on interviewing and hiring the right person for the job.

Our process includes:
  1. Needs assessment with Client to formulate criteria for candidate selection, corporate background, position salary, and location specifics.
  2. Identification of potential candidates through resume review, networking calls, and receipt of resumes through advertising and leads.
  3. Thorough candidate screening.
  4. Preparation of interview notes for presentation to Client.
  5. Referral of screened and interviewed candidate resumes.
  6. Coordination of candidate interviews with Client.
  7. Verification of candidate references.
  8. Assistance with the coordination and acceptance of job offers.

Dedicated Recruitment Consultant

As part of our full service recruitment solution, Clients and Candidates will be assigned a specialized Recruitment Consultant that will work with you one on one to determine your unique needs.

Active Employment Advertising, Resume Database & Recruitment

Our team of recruiters will utilize a multitude of tools, services and methods to
select the candidates that are qualified and interested in your open positions.

Pre-Interview with Candidates

All candidates will go through our intensive pre-interview process to ensure they
meet all of your unique hiring needs and are interested in the available position.

Final Report Assessment

The final report contains matched candidates for your open position. Included in
the report will be the candidate evaluation and resume. All candidates will meet
your preset criteria and will be interested in your position.